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We are a diverse polymath and polyglot team hailing from 6 countries with a common goal to disrupt the dominant narratives of Black founders around the world.

By unlocking investment opportunities for both founders and investors, we aim to create a new financial framework that reduces the wealth distribution gaps for Black Communities, and ultimately benefits our global economy. 

Signal Hill Cidade do Cabo África do Sul


Stemming from Global Black Youth (GBY) as one of its signature programs, The BEC was created out of the need to build and strengthen the ecosystem for Black founders globally. Through monthly pitchday sessions, we connected 3 select Black founders to a wider network of investors, corporates and executives.


We always made sure we chose founders representing different countries and regions to curate in the process a global community. As The BEC expanded organically reaching Spanish, Portuguese, and French speaking communities around the world, we saw the need to create a separate entity and grow its services to meet the high demands. 

Estrutura cinza


Advisory Board Brazil

The BEC is a global Black entrepreneurs ecosystem that accelerates the growth of Pre-Seed and Seed high potential startups to Series A. Our team is made up of qualified professionals with the mission of developing new ecosystems and strategies. Formed by investors, executives, entrepreneurs, mentors, creators of systems and markets.

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